Greetings, Perverts!

And welcome to Pretty Girls Poop Too. I’m sorry it wasn’t quite exactly what you were looking for, but I hope you stick around at least for a bit.

If some of you are a bit confused, I’m referring to the people who land on our beloved blog by way of the most bizarre, and yet painfully hilarious search engine terms I’ve ever seen.

WordPress is great because they give you access to some really in-depth stats about the gazillions (seriously, we’re kind of a big deal) of people who read your blog on a regular basis. Things like how they found you, how many visitors you get a day, etc.

So with a name like Pretty Girls Poop Too, I suppose we can’t be too shocked with some of the things people are Googling late at night. Here are just some of the search engine terms that have brought people to our blog (note: this will be updated regularly):

  • pretty girl pooping
  • poo college girl caught
    (This one made me laugh because I pictured someone bursting in on some poor girl at a sorority party like “GOTCHA BITCH! EW, YOU POOP!!!”)
  • girls frozen cum
  • college girls pooping 11
    (Soooo… not only does this movie exist, there’s been ELEVEN editions?!)
  • girls pooping on floor
    (Why on the floor though? What a random request. Like…hey baby, you wanna try something wild? I want you to pee….no, not there, here on this vacuum. Yeeeah…)
  • blood in my poo and seaman
    (DUDE. I seriously hope you’re okay. That doesn’t sound good. Also, it’s semen, not seaman but really – who’s concerned about spelling when you’re dying from syphilis.)
  • poop “big shit” – gay
    (Just….wow. Imagine this guy’s disappointment when he’s looking for gay dudes pooping on each other and he finds a boring blog written by two chicks.)
  • girl pooping in public
  • does semen make good exfoliation cream?
    (I hate to be the one to tell you this girlfriend, but he only said that cuz he wants to let it go on your face.)
  • women pooping in their panties on you tube
    (I’m pretty sure YouTube has rules about this kinda stuff..)
  • chubby girl poop
    (Now this is what we like to see! Even the chubby girls getting some love. Some sick, sick love.)
  • big girls who want spankings
    (There’s a market for everything.)
  • what to do if you poop in a public pool
  • jiz jerky
    (You want to make jerkey out of your jizz? I don’t know whether to be horribly disgusted or amazed at the innovation.)
  • maker poop on hers face
    (Pretty much all the English this guy really needs to know. I bet his Spanish consists of “donkey love girls Tijuana.”)
  • where are my keys
    (Dead serious.)
  • gerls poop
    (We sure do! Wait…what’s a gerl?)
  • woman butt crushing doll
    (I’d like Google to explain to me how this search term caused our blog to come up.)
  • watching a girl poop is comforting
  • actress pooped boobs .com
    (This is what happens when people who don’t know how to use the Internet use it to try and find disgusting stuff.)
  • woman butt crushing
    (Okay, seriously…WHAT is this butt crushing thing? I’m too scared to Google it. Even though I’ll apparently just end up back here.)
  • weirdest stuff to do to hookers
    (Wow, you’re both disgusting AND pathetic. Congrats.)
  • poop rap lyrics
    (I like big butts?)

Anyways, no matter how you found us – we’re happy you’re here. And as long as you keep visiting, start posting comments, and get us some sponsors and ad revenue, we won’t tell anyone what you were really looking for.

Ahhh ha, just kidding. We have no idea who you are. But you were scared though right?!



  1. I don’t remember you being that funny, ok yeah you were funny, and technically your not responsible for any of what just happened here, wait what am I trying to say

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  3. I understand that you assume some perverts found this blog. It is very clear to see though you have too much time on your hands. Keep up the good work?

    1. We’re not ASSUMING anything. These are legitimate terms that people are searching on the internet that end up bringing them here. So who really has too much time on their hands? The two girls writing a blog post every now and then, or the people Googling “women pooping in their panties on youtube?”

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