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Things we want to hear about:

  • How much you love us.
  • How much you hate us.
  • Ideas for post that don’t suck.

Things we don’t want to hear about:

  • Your poop fetish.

Got it? Good.

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  1. Hello, I wanted to contact you regarding my poop fetish… oh wait, that’s not what you wanted to be contacted about!

    Nah, I really just wanted to say that someone sent me a link to your page in a group semi-spam, and being a dude, I really didn’t expect it would be a site that interested me, but I actually chuckled a few times and like your writing style. I was also impressed that you would put The Game at the top of your reading list – both because it meant you actually read it, and because you even were willing to put it on your site. Not my favorite book by any means, but a good read.

    Anyways, that’s all. Keep on pooping.

    1. Thanks Jay! Both for actually reading the blog and being manly enough to admit that you read a blog called Pretty Girls Poop Too. You’re a pioneer!

      The Game was a fascinating look into the mind of men and we’ve actually caught a few guys using EXACT strategies from that book on us in real life. And you better believe we called them out on it. Publicly.

      Again – thanks for the love! May the poop be with you…? This is getting weird.

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