Why poop?

It’s simple, really.

We want you to know that those beautiful, perfectly proportioned women that you worship and compare every real girl in your life to…

They all poop.

Probably daily.

Especially the really skinny ones… imagine what a diet composed of mainly cocaine and laxatives does to your system. Yeah. Not pretty.

Angelina Jolie? After she’s done eating expensive, worldly, organic meals – she takes a big shit. Megan Fox? She has taken a giant, stinky, perhaps weirdly coloured crap, at least once.

Is it gross? Hell yeah. But it’s something every human body does because we’re all the same. So maybe once you come to grips with that, you’ll realize how unnecessary it is to hold yourself, or the women in your life, up to an unattainable standard of beauty.

Allow me to introduce your humble hosts:

K. – Loves naps in the sun, the Sunday comics and to worry. Gamer girl feminist who digs yoga, sci-fi, books and cheese. Creator of the #CTFO (chill.the.fuck.out) movement and purveyor of unsolicited commentaries on most everything.

S. – Writer, spoken word poet, bookworm and sports nut.Β She once ate pizza for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. It was a good day. Her interests include love letters and whiskey.

We met in college, studying the fine art of perversion, procrastination, public intoxication and public relations. Now we’re out to rid the female gender of uncomfortable social stigmas and express our opinions as if they matter more than yours.

We poop, get over it.


  1. Good question, Rick. While you may have been raised to believe that the only things that comes out of girls smell like roses and cinnamon, I can tell you with the utmost conviction: It depends on what we eat.

    A bad enchilada is a bad enchilada.

  2. I just imagine very pretty women may have a different digestive system. That is their digestive system dissolve everything they eat and it become liquid. Only liquid coming out from their bodies. So it’s like they are urinating and never poop. Verify please..

  3. i LURRRRV it …. totally, honestly and sincerely. πŸ™‚
    this is the first blog that i have come across that sounds a little radical on the edge and has a hint of feminist-ism attached to it. i am so going to read all your post.
    once more…. i lurrrrv it! πŸ™‚

  4. wow. for those guys out there that don’t want to believe that pretty girls don’t poop, yall are ignorant and dumb -_-

  5. Are you sure pretty girls do poop? I saw many interesting research in Discovery Channel about the galaxy, stars, earth, invention, etc….

    But no scientist ever do research on whether every pretty girl poop?
    Or put it more precisely, whether a pretty girl does need to poop on regular basis or has an option not to produce shit from the food eaten……

    Any honest answer?

  6. Pretty girls poop too, you say? NO SHIT!

    I am male, and I must be honest that I do NOT care for bathroom humor or public discussion of other peoples bowel habits. REGARDLESS of their sex/gender! Openly discussing defecation doesn’t make you look courageous or rebellious, it just makes you look INFANTILE. GROW UP and keep your toilet talk in the bathroom where it belongs.

    1. Anton, clearly everything that has been said here has gone WAY over your head.

      Not a single one of our blog posts ACTUALLY talk about poop. The title of this blog is a call-to-action for women who believe they need to hold themselves up to unattainable standards.

      Thanks for (not) reading.

  7. I’m concerned about why such a great concept doesn’t have more posts. I sincerely hope you all have moved on to a bigger platform, because if not, I can’t be so sure pretty girls do actually poop.

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