PGPT Celebrates International Women’s Day

Oh hay, girl.

First of all, I’m sorry for my absence. I’ve left K. here alone to entertain you all for some time now and I apologize. Mama is home. I’ve got a bunch of new posts sitting halfway done in our ‘drafts’ and I promise to finish them soon. In the meantime, I will send you to other places where people write much more frequently AND prolifically. It’s International Women’s Day! So I wanted to share with you some of the blogs and sites that revolve around women in some capacity and that I read on a regular basis:

Gender Across Borders: GAB is a global feminist community, blog and a global voice for gender justice. Great articles that cover a multitude of gender issues in various facets of life. PLUS, they have a book club which I am totally joining as soon as I’m done this post.

Jezebel: You should all know this already, though.

Bad Perm: Full disclosure here – I’ve been a part of this site since its inception about four months ago. But let me tell you UNBIASEDLY why it is so great and so needed. If you’re a woman who also happens to be a fan of hip-hop, then you know how prevalent misogyny still is within the genre and how difficult it is to be a true fan of the culture while not ignoring the blatant misrepresentation of your fellow female kind. Bad Perm is not a site dedicated only to women in hip-hop, it’s dedicated to hip-hop from a woman’s perspective. And therein lies the difference. The entire site is run by women; from the coding and graphic design to the writing, videography and editorial support. We’re not highlighting the achievements of one specific gender, just making sure that the stories and experiences of being a hip-hop fan are being told in both voices.

Those are just a few of my suggestions for you to check out today (and every day)… now do YOU have any suggestions for us?

Three cheers for vaginas,



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