Am I The Only One …

  • Who feels super weird about watching America’s Funniest Home Videos when people submit clips of their kids doing things naked like taking a dump in the tub?
  • Who had hidden food because I really want to eat it later and not share with you?
  • Who has forgotten to either shave one entire leg, or just created the first landing strip for legs by missing a whole row, and then GONE OUT ANYWAYS?
  • Who thinks that a ton of babies are actually really ugly?
  • Who doesn’t understand why so many chicks will take pictures of themselves in their car and then post them on the Internet? Like, not even ON the car … just IN it. With a seatbelt on.

Maybe it is just me.



  1. I do all of these things. Especially the leg shaving thing. Sometimes I’ll like, only shave my knees and get bored, I guess? Or yeah just miss a huge hair patch, haha.

    And the food thing, I have the best snacks hidden around the house.

  2. Agreed to all of the above. Dying that is hilarious. Once I shaved drunk before party #2 and literally forgot an ENTIRE leg…like thighs, knees, calves….not cute. haha

    1. HAHAHA but you shaved the other one perfectly fine? Amazing. Drunk shaving is just as bad as putting on your makeup drunk. One time my roommate came into the bathroom as I was getting ready and I had a fake eyelash damn near on my forehead.

      It was like, 8pm.

  3. I find it weird watching any of America’s funniest home videos. It is like they created a show specifically for stupid people to show how stupid they and their children are! But yet sometimes i find myself watching it, and more horifyingly laughing. Oh the shame.

    Also i think most babies are ugly… Wow it feels so good to get that off my chest!

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