Conversations With Your First Pregnant Friend – K. Edition

So, as S. mentioned we have a friend who is pregnant. Our first pregnant friend! We were talking this morning about all the stuff that goes along with that. I mean, if I’m not going to be on a roller coaster that dives into a hot tub with a beer in my hand, what else am I going to do for nine months?? Frankly I’m terrified at the concept. However, being the awesome friend that she is, she was able to show me all the amazing positives of being pregnant:

  • “Can you help me move?” – nope, I’m pregnant
  • “Want to go for a hike?” – nope, I’m pregnant
  • “Can you make me breakfast?” (baby daddy) – nope, I’m pregnant … YOU make ME breakfast
  • “Want to do a 5K run and walk for cancer?” – nope, I’m pregnant
  • “Want to pitch in money for XXX’s birthday?”- nope, I’m pregnant … need money for the baby
  • “Want to go to the club for XXX’s birthday?” – nope, don’t want to be the pregnant bitch at the bar

This list should be my mother’s best friend right now, as it’s convincing me that maybe the whole thing is worth it. Oh … I guess that whole baby part could be pretty cool too.

Just not yet.


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