This Shit Right Here…

I hate the look of this blog.

Yeah, I said it. I just don’t have the resources (time, money, skills) to change it.

I also like Tumblr a lot more than WordPress and I want to move everything over to a PGPT Tumblr. Is that possible? Can the Internet do that?

Unrelated: I woke my roommate up last night at 3am making toast that I covered in mozarella and spicy mustard. The crazy part is that even though I woke up with crumbs in my bed, I actually didn’t remember making (or eating) the sandwich until she told me. That means I was just okay with waking up and having crumbs in my bed. Somehow, I don’t think this is what men mean when they say they want a woman who is “low maintenance.”





  1. Can we switch over all the posts though or do we have to start from scratch? We’ve been on this bitch since ’08!!

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