It’s Friday Night – Get Some Shit Off Your Chest

It’s Friday night and I’ve got sweat pants on, eight tabs open and a jar of jalapeno-stuffed olives.



Anyways – check out this cool new blog-movement that our BFFIOH (that’s BFF-in-our-heads, for the record) Almie from APOCALYPSTICK recently blogged about. In her words:

The idea is to, well, get things off our chests. Our mission is to make the world an easier place for women (and girls and anyone who doesn’t fit into these narrow descriptions) to be happier, by helping them feel they’ve got permission to kick happiness-hating inhibitions, insecurities, cultural expectations, and ideals TO THE CURB. And also because there’s nothing more annoying than getting something off your chest only to hear, “Are you on your period or something?”


The story behind Off Our Chests is really cool. These two super rad parents are on a mission to rid the womanly world of “happiness-hating inhibitions” – basically, all those ridiculous things that stop you from being YOUR DAMN BEAUTIFUL SELF. Off Our Chests is a place to share (anonymously or not) “what is inhibiting you, limiting you, keeping you up at night, making you anxious, and hating on your happy.”

And let us be the FIRST to tell you how powerful simply saying (or typing) these things out loud really is….I mean, how do you think this blog even started?

So major props to everyone involved with this.

Check out the website here –
Follow them on the Twatter. And Like them on Facebook.

And get some shit off your chest already, would ya?


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