Let us count all the things that are fucked up about this:

  • This little twat was born in 1997. NINETEEN NINETY SEVEN. Take a second to remember what you were doing in 1997. Yeah. He was an infant.
  • His “love interest” looks at least two years older than him. Probably because if they had casted a girl who looked as young as he does WE WOULD ALL BE IN JAIL FOR WATCHING THIS.
  • Flo-Rida what the fuck are you doing on this track? For real. Yeah, let’s put the biggest meathead ignorant rapper we can find on a song with this petite blonde Australian child. Don’t even get me started about the verse itself. You talentless rapping asshole.
  • Obviously he’s being rampantly compared to the Biebs. You know what would maybe help? Not having totally the same haircut. Just a thought. SIDENOTE: Do y’all know how much the Biebs pays per bowl-cut? It’s actually disgusting.

The most fucked up part about this whole thing is that I actually answered a question from someone at work the other day by saying: “iYiYiYiY”

I hate myself.


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