Celebrity Smackdown Vol. 1

So, after admitting to the I fact that I actually watch Jersey Shore – nay – am so excited that I cross country text S. about it, it got me thinking. If Sammi and JWoww were to throw down, it’d be pretty even (as we’ve all seen).  What about if the following celebs were to lay the proverbial smackdown on each other? Following are the fights I’d PAY to see:

Pink vs. Ke$ha

Both of these singers annoy me equally, but Ke$ha wins out musically for me, at least. Although I appreciate the fact that Pink wants you to call her up if you’s a gangsta, I’d like to see that actually happen. At least if Ke$ha were faced with a group of Crips (sp? I’m a middle-class awkward white girl from Canada, gimme a break) she’d be able to feed them all magic mushrooms and disappear in a cloud of glitter.

Winner: Ke$ha

Pink, being SUCH a gangsta

Ke$ha ...









Scarlett Johannsen vs. Sandra Bullock

Now, don’t get me wrong – I hate Scarlett as much as the next girl, but dang, she just had her husband leave her for another lady and that hurts. If I were her I’d totally challenge Sandy to a face-off. AND THEN RUN FOR MY LIFE. Please, I think we all know that Ms. Congeniality keeps it real.

That bitch ScarJo

Sandra Bullock ... I like her so I have nothing to say!

But what’s this?! OMG Kat Von D just tagged out ScarJo! This changes everything. My older brother, a professional weight trainer is terrified of this broad. I mean, she has tattoos on her face. You know who else had that? Tyson. Just sayin’.

Kat Von She'll Beat Yo Face Up



  1. I was JUST having a conversation the other day about who sucks worse, pink or ke$ha. I think it’s important to note that p!nk also tries to use a punctuation mark in the spelling of her ridiculous stage name. and I guess she came up with that brilliant idea before ke$ha but I still agree that she would lose the throwdown. I look forward to volume 2.

    1. Holy crap, I forgot about the exclamation mark in Pink’s name. That just brought this to a whole new level. My money is also on Pink though…the only thing Kesha has fought with is her hygiene.

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