Merry Christmas from PGPT.

Highlights of my Christmas thus far:

  • My mom being late to pick me up from the airport on Christmas Eve after making a huge fuss over how important it was for me not to miss my flight.
  • There was a pile of jackets on the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. My little brother was heading up the stairs but instead of bending down to pick up a few jackets on his way, he decided to just kick them out of the way. At this very same moment in time, I was coming up the stairs behind up and bent down to actually pick the jackets up. The result? HE KICKED ME SQUARE IN THE FACE. I got kicked in the face. ON CHRISTMAS.
  • By 8:45pm on Christmas Eve, I realized that both my parents were at least 1.5 times drunker than I was. This made me feel a combination of feelings: scared, confused, intimidated, lame but most of all – proud.
  • I got some bad ass gifts…including a book on understanding rap lyrics, two sports jerseys and a bottle of Lola by Marc Jacobs. Could my family KNOW me any better?

Being back in your hometown after moving away is a crazy feeling. It’s like putting on a pair of sweatpants after eating too much. You were feeling good already…but then you feel even BETTER and are just so comfortable you could cry.

Happy Festivus everyone.


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