Louisiana: Where opinions = laws.

A bill has been finalized in Louisiana that requires women seeking abortions to get ultrasounds (even ones who have been a victim of rape or incest), in what Jezebel is (rightly) calling “a sneaky move by pro-lifers to influence women out of guilt to change their minds about a perfectly legal decision.”

Currently eight states require that abortion providers offer ultrasound information but three of them have mandated that the ultrasound is carried out, and require the provider to offer the woman the opportunity to view the image.

Now this Louisiana State Senator broad, Sharon Broome, is talking about it being an “empowering” bill for women. Broome, mind you, originally wanted the bill to require medical providers to discuss the fetus’s development in detail and give the woman a photograph.

So what happens after these guilt trips have worked and these women bring their baby to full term? Well…that’s kind of where this whole “empowerment” thing stops:

Of course, they haven’t introduced any legislation to promote comprehensive sex education, nor backed expanded contraceptive funding for poor women, nor gone to town for expanded child care credits and subsidies to help the women who choose to have children but need to work. Once you get that baby birthed, sister, you’re on your own — just as God intended you to be when He punished you with the pregnancy in the first place. (Fundamentalists trying to guilt women out of abortions – Jezebel)


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