Things that Motivate Me to Run

I like to think that I’m somewhat healthy. I do yoga, go to the gym and even join a boot camp or two every year. Mind you, these activities are consistently punctuated with pizzas, beers and trips to gelato places with my girlfriends followed by buttery, buttery popcorn and watchings of “Glee” on PVR.

But I digress.

The other day I came to the conclusion, whilst running for my sweet life, that there really is only one thing in the world that truly motivates me to RUN. Not to stretch, jump on a stairmaster or lift some weights, but RUN.


I’m about to miss that bus? I’ll get the next one. Wanna play soccer? I’ll play goal. Hear the gentle buzzing of a honeybee? You bet your ass I’m gonna Forrest Gump my way out of that situation. Seriously,  debris is flying from my body as I whisk myself to safety.

Anyway, yay for summer. And to hopefully not ever having to run again.



  1. Are you allergic K or just damn afraid of them? Hahaha, I’d love to see you book it away from a group of bees….great motivation for sure.

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