WTF – Women’s Health Magazine Edition

So this is what Women’s Health Magazine calls a “curvy figure.” I apologize for the crappy camera phone picture, but when K. found this gem last night we had no other option.

Really? Because…the only curve I see here is the bend in whatever the hell those things are wearing shoes.



  1. Seriously. I know skinny bitches who aren’t that skinny. And frankly, I know that 99% of dudes don’t dig that. Yes, I say this as I polish off what may actually technically be my fifth meal of the day, but you ask my bf and he will tell you he is one happy camper with my ACTUAL curvy figure.

  2. its no wonder they didn’t show the rest of her body!…thats not curvy at all…that is…”i need to eat more, before i’m saggin a thong!”….

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