S. Discusses the Probowl

The NFL Probowl is fucking stupid, first of all. Then they make it even worse with the most painfully awkward interview EVER with Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. So I texted my friend, Lloyd.

S: Why does Brees’ hair always look so sweaty and wet?

Lloyd: He must be half Italian.

S: Wow. I’m putting that on the blog.

Lloyd: I…made your blog? I’m bigtime now. The bee’s knees.

S: Yeah, making “Pretty Girls Poop Too” is a real achievement. That sounds bad.

Lloyd: Stay out of my happy time. Oh, you meant those social meanderings you type. You’re like our generation’s Andy Rooney.

S: Andy Rooney and I were born on the same day, by the way. Except, 66 years apart.

Lloyd: You know what I hate? Pop cans. You can never open them. And when you do, it’s never as good as you hoped. And another thing…

S: I’m typing up this entire conversation right now.

Lloyd: I hate you. And your mentor Andy Rooney.

I’m half Italian, by the way.



  1. Another meandering conversation brought to you courtesy of Lloyd! Man he’s getting around to EVERYONE’s blogs this winter!

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