Are you there readers? It’s me, S.

Look. I know it’s been like nine days since I posted last. I’m sorry. I was busy not coming to terms with the fact that I’m basically 30. In case you’re wondering, being”basically 30″ means turning 25 because let’s be honest – I’M BASICALLY FUCKING 30 NOW.

I kid. In reality, turning 25 only freaked me out for a bit. Then I drank eight Red Bull and vodka’s and not only forgot about my age, I forgot my name, my general whereabouts and how to sleep.

Life has been good though. In fact, I have begun (again) to appreciate just how good my life really is this past week. The earthquake in Haiti honestly rocked me to my core. If there was one country that did NOT need a 7.0 earthquake, it was Haiti. Even before this earthquake hit, only about 40% of the population had access to basic health care. Ninety percent of Haiti’s children were already suffering from waterborne diseases and intestinal parasites. Haiti’s basic infrastructure – both physically and economically – was in no way, shape or form prepared for a major natural disaster on a scale like this. For an impoverished country as poor as Haiti, the devastation of an earthquake is magnified beyond comprehension.

So, please. Do something. Donate to the Red Cross if you haven’t already. If you live in Calgary, come to the Haiti fundraiser “Sak Pasé” happening at The Forum on Friday. I’ll be there. Staying far, far away from Red Bull and vodka.


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  1. Like I said to Rina, 25 was a good year for me. Enjoy it. You could have turned 33 like me. LOL.

    Nice way to get the word out about Haiti fundraisers in Calgary. Keep lending your voice to the cause ~ you ladies do good work.

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