The Best of PGPT: 2009

Us bloggers, we’re a sensitive bunch. Any criticism and we shatter emotionally, lock ourselves up in our rooms and write scathing rebuttal posts that never get published. To pacify this need for constant validation, we tend to butter ourselves up. Literally. We slather ourselves up in butter and roll around on the floor in tears.

I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore. Here, in my opinion, are the Best PGPT Posts of 2009. (I would have asked our readers what their favourites were, but let’s be honest – there’s no one to ask.)

I started the year off detailing some indisputable facts of life because let’s face it, I am the authority on fucking everything.

K. shared some really stupid shit that she has done in order to make you, our dear readers, feel better about yourselves.

I basically got told I was fat and then proved it to myself at a hockey game.

K. gave credit to her evil older brother for turning her into an obsessive compulsive office ninja.

Sigh. My father tried to play the Wii.

Andrew Keegan came back into my life.

K. came to grips with her exhaustingly complex relationship with Facebook.

I showed off my incredible web design skills as we shamelessly encouraged people to subscribe to our blog.

And here we are. Beginning 2010 on a positive note. And by ‘positive’ I mean technically unemployed.


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