Because I Can’t Make This Shit Up – WTF

Most of you are familiar with our Greetings Perverts! page, where we regularly update the ridiculous and often horrifying list of search terms that have brought people to this blog.

The latest search terms I wanted to share with you are actually, surprisingly, not so disgusting they make you want to wash your eyes with bleach. But they’re hilarious, so I took a screen shot to prove to you that people are actually Googling this shit.

MAKE THE GIRL POOP GAME?! Notice how they lowered their standards and refined their original search term from yesterday (I’m assuming this was the same person, if not – I want to kill myself).

Your boss broke the rules of a Christmas game and so…you decided that Googling it would present you with options on how to discipline them?

I’m used to doing things alone. So are we, dear reader….so are we.



  1. i just found your blog and it’s hilarious but when i got to the search for “make girls poop game” i almost lost it – i now have to immediately do my own google search for such a thing just to see what shows up – thanks for making a dreary and cold thursday morning a little more bearable

    1. OBVIOUSLY we expect a FULL report on what surfaces out of this search! Glad to see someone else was as amazed and bizarrely intrigued as we were.

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