Got Something to Say?

Or wish we would say it for you?

Well, dear readers, your Christmas wish has come true! (I feel that I should mention that only one of you offered to buy me those boneless chicken wings that were on my own Christmas wish list … .. . but whatevs, I still love you)

I digress.

If you want to holler at us with comments, ideas or just to tell us you think we’re pretty and awesome (or just pretty awesome),  S. and I have no real lives and just constantly refresh our PGPT GMail hopin’ to hear from you!

But please, no forwards about cats, firefighters or anything else that a 40-something office worker named Cathy would find cute, hilarious or require us to pass it on to 40 of our friends or we’ll both get the clap. If you do, I will find you and make S. fart on your pillows.


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