The PGPT Official Christmas Wish List

Christmas, bitch!

A time for giving.

To us.

You’re probably wondering when it became expected that you shower gifts upon your favourite bloggers, and to that I respond: Really? You didn’t know this was a customary practice? Ummm…welcome to the fucking Internet! Duh.

To make it easier on you (because that’s what we do here), I decided to compile a Christmas Wish List for easy reference when you’re out shopping for us!



  • All the seasons of House, How I Met Your Mother or Buzz*. Thanks.
  • LED sign for my car – so that even those in transit can be treated to my wit 😀
  • And if anybody brought me boneless chicken wings – any flavour –  from Wendy’s with a small frosty, I would love you forever … or at least until I was full.

* For those of you unfortunate enough to have never seen Buzz, it is one of Canada’s gifts to the world, right up there with the old school episodes of Degrassi Junior AND Senior High. Oh Joey.


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