New Shit!

Ok, first of all – let’s talk about our relationship with technology. We love our cell phones because they allow us to call and text our close circle of friends (each other) whenever we have a few spare moments of time (always). We love our PVRs, because they allow us to maximize and customize our gluttony. We are agricultural wizards when it comes to Farmville on Facebook. And in 1999, I made an awesome website on Geocities dedicated to Gavin Rossdale using nothing but my own self-taught HTML abilities. It looked something like this:

I know you’re wondering how my incredible web design skills deteriorated into the mess that this blog is today, but the universe is full of mind-boggling questions that will never be answered so it’s best to just blame an innocent third party – WordPress. (I kid! I kid. Please don’t delete us.)

ANYWAYS! I do have a point.

I finally set us up on FeedBurner which is this thing that does stuff so that you can subscribe to us! How fucking fancy are we?!

So now you can receive PGPT material directly to your inbox or Google Reader (which is AMAZING by the way, I highly recommend it). And we can keep track of how many people don’t read our blog.

All it takes is a click of a button, up there to your left where it says “Subscribe to Our Shit!”


So please validate our existence and satiate our need for constant attention…because right now it looks something like this:

And that’s dangerous. Much like myself.

Not that I’m threatening you or anything.




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