Allow Me to Reintroduce Ourselves…

Last night I had the honour of performing some spoken word poetry at a show called Acoustic Soul, and by some freak act of God – it actually went pretty well. I managed to not fall down/nervously barf/cry on stage. Yes, an absence of those things means something went well for me.

Anyways, this blog was mentioned when the host introduced me on stage – therefore totally blowing my cover as an anonymous, faceless, inhumanly awkward popular blogger. In case that actually inspired anyone to be brave enough to search for “Pretty Girls Poop Too” on Google, I thought I’d give a quick intro as to what this blog is about and the kind of mindless drabble you can waste company time reading.

First, I’d suggest reading Why Poop? as it gives somewhat of an overview as to why we chose this fecal matter (hah) as our namesake and also introduces you to the ladies who post here.

Then, if you’re new to this blog and weren’t even at the show last night – you were just literally searching for pretty girls pooping…Greetings, Pervert!

And finally, here are some of our reoccurring themes and a few personal faves of mine:

If You Had To (A fun game for all.)

Serious Poop (Because we do have brains.)

YouTube Throwdowns (Are what happens when I get lazy.)

So there are some starters for you. Sit down, take a load off (oh man…the poo puns are endless) and enjoy your stay.


One comment

  1. I was at the show and you were fantastic!! make me wish I was funnier. Adding this to my “List of things to do at work that don’t involve working at all” 🙂

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