He’ll Tiger-Beat You In The Face

Good news! I’ve made an exciting self-discovery: I believe I’m a tiny bit psychic. I say this because every time I think about something obscure, it happens.

I’ll pick something breakable up and envision how horrible/funny/expensive it would be if I dropped it and it smashed into a million pieces, and I’ll drop it and it will smash into a million pieces. I leave my house for work absolutely positive I have everything I need, but a vision of me struggling to get through the day without my Blackberry will cross my mind for a nanosecond, and sure enough I go throughout the day Blackberry-less as it sits on the couch being chewed on by my cat. Sure, you could say that I simply make things real by thinking about them or make the conscious choice to ignore my innate instincts, but this just isn’t your blog, is it? I’m psychic.

So a few days ago I had an idea for a PGPT post, I even jotted it down in the memo pad on my phone. I wanted to track where the teen heartthrobs that I madly obsessed over via the slimey pages of magazines like Tiger Beat in the early 90s were now. The one that immediately came to my mind was Andrew Keegan.


I was enthralled with Andrew Keegan from the moment I saw him in Camp Nowhere. Then he appeared in Party of Five, Step by Step, Boy Meets Girl and Full House among others. There really wasn’t a TGIF show this boy was not in at least once. Once I saw ’10 Things I Hate About You’ it was a wrap. He  was a bit of a douche but so stupid hot that I forgave him, and instead, focused on what I called his ‘super rad acting skills.’


So naturally, because I’m obviously a magical psychic that should be charging you $5.99 per minute to even read this blog, Andrew Keegan pops back up in the news before I can even start typing the blog post.

Apparently, Andrew’s ex-girlfriend has been “terrorized” by him for the past year. She claims he physically attacked her twice, patrols her work giving her “evil looks” and most recently, slashed her tires after being kicked out of a Vegas nightclub (Link).

So if these allegations are even true, minus the physical attacks, he pretty much acted just like me after a bottle and a half of cheap merlot which further solidifies my belief that we are meant to be together.

Just kidding, I’m saving all my crazy for a man who really deserves it. Fellas?



  1. Yay! So love your blog! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to discover it. Thanks for sharing and for serving up some laughs for me…..

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