Big Brother 11 Drinking Game Fun

Before we get started….there’s been ELEVEN seasons of Big Brother? WTF.

I’m only watching this crap because the NHL, NBA and NFL are all in the off-season. And since I have a viciously addictive personality, I’m already hooked. So what better to do than add alcohol to the mix.

Take a sip when:

  • Laura wears a bikini top.
  • Chima laughs at her own joke.
  • Lydia wears some form of hair piece.
  • Casey gives someone the side-eye.

Take two sips when:

  • Jessie wears a wife beater.
  • Ronnie’s belly takes up most of the camera shot.
  • Lydia massages someone.
  • Russell exercises.

Finish that bitch when:

  • Julie Chen says “But first…”

10(Fruity goodness from


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