WTF?! Boob Edition

Introducing “The Kush” – While lying on her side, a womans body fights the forces of gravity, forcing one breast to rest on top of the other. Anatomically contoured to gently cushion and support the weight of her breasts, a Kush Support relieves the pressure that can cause discomfort and helps to ease restlessness.

Here is a list of things I could put betwixt my breasts to mimic “The Kush” without having to pay $55:

  • A toilet paper roll
  • A rolled up pair of socks
  • An empty beer can
  • 12 ballpoint pens
  • A bottle of lotion
  • A large eggplant
  • My own arm

BESIDES….isn’t “Kush” something that is naturally supposed to help you sleep better?



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