Credit Criminology

At first I was going to apologize to everyone for being a lazy harlot and really slacking with the blog posts. But then I remembered some key facts: 

  • It’s playoff season. 
  • The weather is finally getting nice(r). 
  • I’m not that funny or original. 
  • A total of 6 people read this blog on purpose, the rest are looking for videos of girls pooping. 

That being said, I still apologize to those who care. Mostly because if you care, your life is probably more pathetic than mine. ZING! Kinda.

My bank called me up yesterday afternoon telling me that there had been some uncharacteristic spending going on with my Visa that wasn’t within my normal habits. Some trick got her hands on my credit card number and started racking up charges early this morning. I feel as though I’ve been monetarily violated. Like my credit has been drunkenly screwed and never called again. The worst part? They used it to register for a Bikini Bootcamp class. Which was obviously out of my normal spending habits. FMCL. (That’s “fuck my chubby life” btw.) 

But if they registered for a class…technically doesn’t that mean we could easily track them down? 

PGPT Women’s Prision Edition – coming at ya soon! 



  1. I actually read the blog. So I’m #7. I want bikini bootcamp class! My credit card got used to buy memberships @ e-harmony. I asked if the fraud dept. could track down that person since they obviously have a profile and they told me no!

  2. OMG Anita reads our blog. I suddenly feel compelled to be A LOT smarter and possibly funnier.

    That doesn’t make any sense to me. Is tracking down these people just not their problem or responsibility? I still don’t understand how someone can be so bold as to use a stolen credit card number to register for ANYTHING.

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