Seriously, Fox and Greg Gutfeld? WTF.

Okay, so I know this is already old news and I’m just getting around to posting about it, but for anybody who doesn’t know get this: Greg Gutfeld, the host of some shitty late night show in America (Red Eye) decided that he would be oh so unique and mock the Canadian military the same week that four Canadian soldiers died fighting in Afghanistan. He, and his panel, went on and on about how our military was a joke.

Soooo, I guess those two World Wars we fought in, and that whole war in Afghanistan that we are STILL fighting in, alongside America, means nothing? Right. And the fact that we comprise only one percent of the world’s population yet make up 10 percent of its peacekeeping, well that’s clearly lame. Guess we better get our white capris on and start doing yoga, right Greg?

All I can say is, I’m sure that the millions of intelligent and respectful Americans must be so embarassed by this. I by no means think that all Amercians are like this douche. I have close family and friends who are American, some of who even fight in their air force, and I know that they would never endorse something like this or play any part in supporting the stereotypes it enforces.  This guy’s segment completely backfired, and instead of making Canada look like a joke, it made America look like an arrogant bully, and reinforces the need for many Americans to stick a Canadian flag on their backpack when they go travelling just to get a little respect out there.

I am a very nice person, but I have to admit that watching Tom Green, a fellow Canadian, rant about this guy, Fox news and the views they support, felt good.


One comment

  1. Although Tom Green isn’t exactly the BEST representative of our country, the “Go suck a Canadian DICK” line at the end was perfect.

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