Please enable my laziness and lack of social skills

So, thanks to the lovely S. I have now become addicted to a show about space pirates. Yes, space pirates, with a Western theme. It’s a show called “Firefly” that was on for one whole season (2002), but thanks to the massive cult following it got, a movie was made in 2005 called “Serenity.” Anyway, this got me thinking about how much I love watching TV on DVD. I actually get mad now when I’m forced to sit through commercials! So, in this spirit, I have lined up my favorite shows to watch on DVD:

1.) Grey’s Anatomy. Even my boyfriend likes this. There’s something about watching that floozie Meredith that I can’t get enough of. I’m also a big fan Dr. Bailey and will one day make one of those “everybody stop and listen I have something profound to say and when I’m done saying it you will all think about what you’ve done and I’ll walk away all high and mighty” speeches that she’s so good at. Date of speech TBA.

2.) Entourage. I know this is supposed to be a “guy” show, but I love watching it, particularly Jeremy Piven who is just fucking hilarious. Makes me want to go to Hollywood or Vegas and just LIVE. Oh wait. I am going to Vegas, in May. Whaaaat.

 3.) The Office. I never seem to catch it on TV, so I watch The Office on DVD. Schrute farms beets.

 4.) Heroes. I need to clarify that I only really liked season 1, and have heard pretty good things about season 3. We don’t talk about season 2. My bf is also of the belief that I have Claire-like abilities as I have never broken a bone in my life and can touch really hot plates for extended periods of time, which clearly is a very valuable superhuman trait when frozen pizza and nachos from the oven must be had.

Let me know of any others! We’re running out of eps to watch and frankly, what else am I going to do with my time??


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