Your Vagina, Our Rules

After two women were hospitalized for infections (and one of them filing a lawsuit), the state of New Jersey is looking to ban Brazilian waxes.

(From the Globe and Mail)

Technically, genital waxing has never been allowed in the state — only the face, neck, abdomen, legs and arms are permitted — but because bare-it-all “Brazilians” weren’t specifically banned, regulators haven’t enforced the law.

Regular bikini waxes would apparently still be allowed.

Things that don’t make sense about this:

  • According to Wikipedia, New Jersey has a population of 8,682,661. But the experiences of two women are making the government consider a full-out ban.
    • It doesn’t say what caused the infections. These women could have been walking yeast infections who hadn’t showered in two weeks when they went to go get waxed, we have no idea. There’s also no information about where the got waxed – was it a clean and sterile place? Were the employees certified and trained in aesthetics and waxing? Or were they in some seedy, back alley Korean nail shop getting waxed with car oil and sandpaper?
    • New Jersey has a state Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling. ?
    • How on EARTH would you monitor this ban if it were to be put in place? Spend taxpayers’ money on elaborate undercover investigations, trying to convince the salon to wax you bald? Go around the guido beaches of New Jersey and put women with no bushes in handcuffs?  There’s got to be more important things happening in the state of New Jersey that require an immediate halt. Like guidos, for example.
    • Putting a ban on something like a Brazilian wax is like banning the Mohawk hairstyle or piercings. What right does the government have to limit what you can or cannot do to your own body?

    Absurd. I guess they don’t call it the Garden State for nothing. PA ZOWW!!!!

    (I don’t get it either)


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