Quarter life crisis, here I come.

To be honest, I’m borderline ashamed that I chose such an obvious profession. PR is absolutely the most unsurprising career path I could have taken. It’s undeniably perfect for girls like me. The type of girl who wanted to be an actress, but realized that a degree in theatre would probably mean working as a singing waitress at a dinner theatre for the first five years. The girl with an undying belief that she will one day be discovered in a mall, sporting event or on a family vacation to LA – so who needs technical training?! Isn’t that how this always happens?

The type of girl who became convinced at the wise age of 13 that her and math were forever, like, totally not BFFs, so she squeaked by in high school with the bare minimum required to graduate – the math classes they offer to the slow kids and the pregnant chicks.

The type of girl who has always wanted to be a fancy business woman with an assistant, pencil skirt and black patent 4″ pumps. So busy that she has to eat bites of her bagel with cream cheese and sprouts in between charming yet intimidating quips on a conference call and breathless male interns rushing into her office holding things out for her to sign. What was she signing? It didn’t matter, could be a purchase order for manilla folders – as long as it required her signature.

The reality is that I get paid to create buzz; securing free publicity and subtle third party endorsements from the media by crafting messages and developing brands so clever they perform a sexy tightrope walk every day between persuasive and manipulative.

Thank the good Lawd I found a job working for an agency that specializes in non-profit communication, in contrast to many of my well-dressed classmates who chose the immediate gratification route a.k.a entry level positions at oil & gas companies. Otherwise I might start questioning whether t’was nobler to have brought you dinner in character.

Anyways, the real point of this post was for me to contemplate all the other career paths I possibly would have chosen had I not succumbed to what I was probably born to do.

  • An optometrist
  • A geneticist
  • A graphic designer
  • An interior designer
  • A journalist
  • A photographer
  • A novelist
  • A dot-com billionaire
  • A choreographer
  • A talk show host
  • A teacher

The good news is that I figure anyone who has been trained to talk her way into and out of anything could effectively switch careers as many times as she’d like. And considering Tyra Banks is like, FIVE of those things already with no real expertise in any of them, I’d say my odds are looking pretty good. Now watch me smile with my eyes.



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