People falling is funny.

Sometimes I truly believe the entire fancy pants fashion industry is nothing but an intricate, practical joke. Jezebel takes us through the Top 10 All-Time Model /Runway Mishaps.

I love the guy in video #3 – “…that’s the price they pay for being high-price supermodels.” Touche! If only I had a career for every time I’ve fallen down in heels. Granted, I may or may not have been self-medicating with vodka for 4.5 hours prior to my fall.

The video of Kamila W. (#4) has me in TEARS. The second fall she takes is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. And as much as I adore every fiber of the girls over at Jezebel – I don’t see the big deal about the anchormen laughing their asses off. Some of the women in the comments section actually said it made them feel sick to their stomachs?! Please. If anything should make you feel sick to your stomach, it should be the fact that we have fabricated an entire multi-billion dollar industry that revolves around nothing but outlandish, unrealistic shoes and outfits that get draped onto outlandish and unrealistic body types and pranced around like they should be idolized.

But no, people having a good laugh at these pristine beings taking a tumble is what really sickens you. Okay.

Sure these girls can seriously hurt themselves eating shit on the runway. But they voluntarily signed up for the job and have probably been wearing heels since they were 13. I slipped on some ice and fell on my ass (and elbow) the other day and I was probably laughing the hardest. BTW, I didn’t have my hair and makeup professionally done and wasn’t getting paid millions of dollars to wear designer clothes either. Boo hoo.


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