If You Had To [OMGWTF? Edition]


The fabulousity that is Andre J, New York’s most distinct accessory…


Any one – or all three – of these guys:


Now, go pick up your petrified vagina from the corner of the room and take a good hard look at the situation. One the one hand, Andre J can get you in to all the best parties in NYC, help you look fierce as hell, and can probably do things with his hips that even Eric Benet would be jealous of. Then again… getting both a beard rash and lipstick on your inner thighs just ain’t cool. Then you’ve got Guido 1-3 who, combined, would probably last no more than 3 minutes with their manicured pubic hair, hiting you with the “fist pump” and a high pitched “GUUUUYY!!!” during climax. Then again….you would look like a goddess.

I’m disgusting.


One comment

  1. Hahahahah GUYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

    Andre J obvs:
    – I like smiley beards
    – I like style
    – I’ve had one guido, and thats al;ready one guido too many.

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