Indisputable Facts of Life

Kenny vs. Spenny is the closest thing our modern civilization has to hypnosis. Your entire body wants to look away because you know what you are viewing will send you to the seventh layer of hell, but for some reason you cannot stop watching.

People who drive yellow cars are assholes.

The gladiator sandal trend is getting out of fucking hand.



George Costanza is the greatest TV character of all time.

Benjamin Bratt is the epitome of handsome.

7 out of the next 10 people you see out at a club wearing glasses don’t actually need glasses.

Stop it, you have 20/20 vision you fuck.

Stop it, you have 20/20 vision you fuck.

(BTW, as I was trying to find a picture to steal for this I came upon this magical blog and decided they were so awesome I couldn’t steal from them.)

Nobody at work wants to hear what you actually did on the weekend.

80% of people who wear Che Guevara t-shirts have no idea who he is, what he did or what he stood for.

Cats have the best life out of any creature on the planet.

Fat women probably put deodorant under their titties.

If you expect my bra and panties to match don’t show up in boxers with holes.

K. doesn’t care about your feelings, that’s why she doesn’t post as much as she should.

Peeing feels awesome!

Brad Pitt should seriously commit to only taking comedic roles.

We've got your SHIT man!

We've got your SHIT man!



  1. I think I could only stand to be in a room with Al Bundy for a maximum of half an hour. Which, conveniently enough, is the length of a single episode. But maybe it’s because I’m a woman. I’m sure you two could have a grand old time with your hands down ya pants for hours and hours.

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