My Family Christmas Drinking Game

Ahhh the holiday season! A time when we gather together and show those we love just how much we love them through offerings of material goods. Christmas is also a time for large family get-togethers and awkward moments. So why not make the most of it and get angry step-dad drunk! From awkward to funny, just like that. I wanted to do a Corporate Christmas Party edition of this drinking game as well, but I highly doubt anyone needs help getting drunk at those.

Take a drink when:

  • You see more than 8 people in one room.
  • A relative asks you what grade you’re in when you graduated college a year and a half ago.
  • Someone blatantly lies about loving their gift.
  • A bad outfit shows up.

Take two drinks when:

  • A grandparent says something horribly inappropriate.
  • Someone asks you about a previous boyfriend in front of your current one.
  • There’s an awkward silence in the conversation.
  • You see your mom visibly sweating thanks to 8 hours of cooking and 4 cups of wine.

Finish your damn drink when:

  • A fight breaks out.

Have fun you shlameels!


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