Wireless WTF

Unfortunately we’re living in times where such trivial things as a person’s ringtone is more of a defining statement of their character than their speech or actions. For example, the white dude sitting beside you on the train, is letting you know via his blaring Lil’ Webbie ringtone that he’s a badass motherfucker and a big fan of cubic zirconia. And the receptionist at your work is letting you know via her Foxy Brown ringtone that you can probably bang her in the bathroom at your Christmas party. Things like that.

Anyways, another instance of this phenomenon known as Technology Indicating True Self (or TITS, if you will) is what people decide to name their wireless internet connections. When I flip open my laptop and pull down the list of internet connections so I can find mine….it’s like every apartment and condo on my block is just opening up their blinds wide open and letting me peer inside.

So which one of my neighbours is THIS?!


Because I’m almost positive we should be friends. But they have to go home to poop.

And if you’re wondering – Yes, my desktop is a shot of Mr. President-Elect Barack Obama himself. In the rain. All wet and powerful. The full image, plus more, are here.


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