Ay yo Ne-Yo!

I’ve been listening to a lot of Ne-Yo lately. Something about his big ol’ alien head and his velvety smooth voice makes me wanna get my Chris Brown dance moves out as I walk down the street or pretend I’m heartbroken and reminisce about boys I no longer actually care about.

But homeboy, come ON. I know you’ve been dirtbag rich for a while now, so maybe your perception on what females actually look like in real life is a little twisted. These are lyrics from his single “Miss Independent.”

Cuz she walk like a boss
Talk like a boss
Manicured nails to set the pedicure off
She’s fly effortlessly

….Effortlessly? Really?

Do you know how fucking time consuming (not to mention expensive) going for regular manicures and pedicures is?! Being fly “effortlessly” is when you can wake up in the morning and look like the same woman you went to bed as.

Shoot….next thing you know, we gonna be singing about how a powdered face and fake eyelashes is considered being fly naturally! Bish, please. Ne-Yo, I liked where you were going with this song…encouraging bum ass bitches to get a job and whatnot…but you lost me.



  1. I would just like to say that I am unilaterally opposed to the title of your collaborative blog. Pretty girls do not poop. They only expel the finest loaves of cinnamon bread filled with raisins, and it smells like the finest nectar of the gods.

    … that being said, I still wouldn’t eat it.

  2. Also, to be on-topic with the post, he gives the girl props for paying her bills on time. I can’t help but think about that bit from Chris Rock’s “Bigger & Blacker” about trying to get props for doing things you’re supposed to do.

    *shakes head*

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